three against one


one girl

three boys

or three girls

one boy

they gang up against you

bully you

make you their slave

then get mad when you fight back

you start to cry and tell them to stop

they stop

only to insist on doing it again

the next day

then it’s just a repeat of the day before

you tell your parents

who tell them to stop

and they do

only when they’re watching though

the proceed with the bullying 

then when you tell your parents again

the three tell lies

and they don’t believe the one

the one who is crying 

the one who just begs them to stop

the odd one out


chapter one

Chapter One

“I’m waking up. I feel it in my bones…” the alarm clock screams at me. 5:45. The same time I get up every morning yet, I am always so shocked when it comes.  As I dreadfully got out of my nice, comfy bed, I couldn’t help but think about how awesome the episode of Gone was last night. Vanessa and Randy got engaged and Willy and Joe got into a wild first fight! Ugh it was just so amazing! And then Willy took his shirt of and his abs…now me likey. As I was fantasizing of Willy’s abs, I glanced through my closet and tried to look for something to wear. As always, I’m left in a stump not knowing what I want to wear. I don’t really dress girly, like I don’t wear dresses and skirts all that much. As always, I decide to throw on a much worn pair of Lucky Brand Jeans and a cute blue shirt I got from Forever 21. I guess you can say my sense of fashion is not the most stylish, but hey! It’s what I like! After spending about 15 minutes figuring out what I was going to wear for school, I quietly walk down the stairs so I can make coffee and toast a bagel.

As the coffee was brewing and my bagel was toasting, I decided to go onto Facebook and see if I had any notifications. 5 notifications. “Randy has sent you a game request!” was the majority of them. Then one was my Grandma posting a picture of her cat on my wall. The last one was different. Not bad, good different. A guy I met while at the mall a while ago posted on my wall “hey there! Long time no see J” yeah…it was good different. Jeez this guy. I don’t know how to explain him. His eyes were as pure as a rain drop freshly dropped from the sky on a flower petal and as blue as little Forget-me-nots that pop up every spring after a small rain falls. When I first saw them, my heart felt as if it was going to explode because it was racing so fast. Then he approached me and we started talking about God knows what and then we exchanged numbers. We talked nonstop for a good 2 weeks and then something happened and we stopped talking. It’s probably been a good month, month in a half, since we last talked. I wonder what sparked his interest all of a sudden. POP! I was startled a little by the sound of my bagel popping out of the toaster since I was in deep thought about the guy at the mall. But once I heard it go off, I realized how hungry I actually was. Mmm the sweet taste of a blueberry bagel baked the day before really hit the spot.

It’s so peaceful in the morning when I am alone eating by myself. And of course, during the middle of my delicious and peaceful breakfast, my annoying pest of a brother comes downstairs. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and all, but he isn’t exactly the quietest person in the morning. “Avery!” he shouts to me

“What on earth could you possibly need, Sam?”

“Do you know where the peanut butter is?”

“ugh check the top shel…”

“oh I found it!”

“of course you did,” I said under my breath.

Honestly, he couldn’t be any louder putting peanut butter on his bread. I swear, my dog’s bark is quieter than Sam in the morning.

“why are you looking at me so weirdly, Avery?”

“oh nothing, just admiring how well you spread that on your bread.”

“why thank you, Avery. That is so nice of you to say.”

“it’s a joke, smart one.”

“aw is someone going through their time of month?”

“no… I just get irritated very easily, so be quiet.”

“ I see how it is”

And that’s when I decided to leave the room to go do my makeup and hair. When I walked upstairs and arrived to the bathroom, I see that my brother didn’t flush the toilet. What a slob. No matter how many times I tell him, he just will not listen. It’s just disgusting. So I turn my head so I don’t have to watch his pee go swirling down the toilet.

Once that God awful task is done, I’m finally ready to begin my makeup. Now, I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but it takes me a while to put on what I put on. First comes BB cream, then blush and bronzer and sometimes cover up for when I have a big pimple on my face. Next comes eye makeup,-mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. In total, it takes me about 10 minutes to just put on eye makeup and 5 for face. And don’t get me started with how long my hair takes. So in total it takes me about 25 minutes to do my face and hair. So you wouldn’t blame me if I’m not finished by the time Sam comes upstairs. But nope. If I am not finished, I get attitude about how he will be late. Take a freaking chill. It takes you 2 minutes to brush your teeth and like 30 seconds to brush your hair. Ugh the patience of this kid. Anyway, finally I am finished and as soon as I walk out the door, my brother zooms past me and quickly places the tooth paste on his tooth brush. Weirdo. At least say thank you that got out of the bathroom in time today. Yesterday, I took too long to put on my eyeliner that Sam just missed the bus and my dad had to drive him to school. Yup. I got in trouble. Of course. But, it was all worth it because Evan liked it. Evan is the guy at my school that every school has. He is the soccer captain, star student, and super nice to everyone popular guy. He has also been like my best friend since kindergarten. It’s not that I have a crush on Evan, but since he liked it, it pretty much meant everyone liked it because he never tells a lie. Besides, even if I did like Evan, it wouldn’t matter. He has a girlfriend that lives in the neighboring town. Her name is Emily. Super sweet girl. Perfect for Evan.

My dad woke up when he heard the sound of Sam’s toothbrush start. I could tell by the springs on the bed making a squeaking noise, and I know it’s not my mom since she doesn’t have to get up until 7:00.

“Hey dad, can you drive me and Sam to school today since it’s raining?”

“why not, I have to go that way this morning anyway. So sure. Sam! Make sure you’re ready to go in 15 minutes”

Okay was the only thing I could make out of whatever Sam was trying to say.

“does anyone know where Tyler is?”

Tyler is my older brother. He is a senior in high school. He often just takes off and doesn’t tell anyone where he is going, so it’s not much of a surprise when my dad asks this.

“He probably left early to go to the gym and then will go straight to school from there.”

“But wouldn’t he be all sweaty?”

“Dad, there’s this thing called a shower that people use after they work out. But you wouldn’t know that since you don’t work out.”

“Hey, watch the sass, missy. Sam, are you ready to go?”

“One second, dad.”

And that’s when we left for school. 


So im going to try to write a book and i want to share with you the synopsis of it. If i get enough likes or comments ill post the first chapter 🙂 so here it is:

“I hate you” I mouth to them as the tears came to my eyes.”

Imagine the words “I hate you” were the last thing that you said to someone before they died suddenly. That’s what happened to Avery Welkins. An hour before her brother, Tyler, and mother got into a fatal accident, she told them that. If she had known what was going to happen, she would have told them how much they meant to her. Avery has to learn how to coop without having her older brother there or her only female figure in her life. Her dad isn’t around that much due to his job, and her younger brother, Sam, annoys her as hell. After her mother and brother die, her dad goes into a deep depression and Sam almost never talks to her. There are only two people Avery can rely on now that her brother and mother have passed, and they are Evan and Tess, until they both turn on her. But then she meets a complete stranger who changes how she views life significantly.


well, tell me what you think 🙂


Yes, you are forced to love them, like they’re pretty much forced to love you. But, it’s hard imagine having a mother that doesn’t believe in you. well, i have one. She pretty much just told me that if i don’t loose weight, i won’t make my soccer team. K thanks Mom for calling me fat. Sorry i didn’t work out today or that i just took the week off from working out. But, it’s not only that she’s not supportive. Being called a bitch by your own mother is scarring. The fact that she has the nerve to do so to outside in public? And also proceed to tell me to shut up when she asked for my opinion on something? really? okay mother. It’s like im the pea in the princess in the pea being crushed by all those mattresses. Like i said, we are forced to love them no matter what…